Маршалл Маклюэн – философ и исследователь медиа

Питер Гжовски интервьюирует Маклюэна

Язык: английский.

1977-12-13 – CBC TV – 90 Minutes Live (Program) – Gzowski interviews McLuhan (PERFECT)

The Story:
In Peter Gzowski’s undergraduate days, freshmen slipped copies of Marshall McLuhan’s The Mechanical Bride under dormitory doors. The fascination was with the raunchy title, says Gzowski, because the book published in 1951 was more about advertising and less about sex. Gzowski is an adoring interviewer today, having much respect for the professor who is the only academic in the world right now studying the effects of media. They speak about politics and Gzowski attempts to find out whether McLuhan failed grade six.

Did You Know?:
• The title of McLuhan’s first book The Mechanical Bride (1951) was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s painting The Bride Striped by Her Bachelors, Even.
• Marshall’s younger brother Maurice McLuhan told Derrick de Kerckhove, a student and assistant of the professor’s, in a 1980 CBC Radio documentary that Marshall had failed grade six.
• At the time of this clip, McLuhan remained a devout Roman Catholic, attending mass daily, though in a 1972 diary entry he wrote: «Cat-gut and cat-calls cum Gregorian. The mass gets longer, limper, lumpier.»
• McLuhan converted to Catholicism in university at the age of 25 after a friend asked him why he was not in the Church.

Medium: Television
Program: 90 Minutes Live
Broadcast Date: Dec. 13, 1977
Host: Peter Gzowski
Guest(s): Marshall McLuhan
Duration: 6:59